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In some cases, a roof may not have the proper slant which can cause a number of problems. Tapered roof insulation Greeny can help with proper drainage while also providing homeowners with a great deal of energy efficiency. It can be performed on new construction or existing buildings, and our Greeny contractors are standing by ready to help you with your project.

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What is Tapered Roof Insulation?

Tapered roof insulation is made from an energy-efficient material known as perlite, which is actually a volcanic glass. It can be found in different tapers, which are measured by the percent of slope in relation to the length. The slope can be rated from 0.5% to 4%. It is applied directly to roof decks using special fasteners.

Why Tapered Insulation is the Better Choice

Standing water can be detrimental to your roof. Even if it doesn’t penetrate immediately, the weight of ponding water can take its toll over time. Tapered insulation is designed to provide two solutions at once: it keeps your home more comfortable and reduces your energy use, and it also creates just enough incline to reduce the odds of standing water on your roof. Finally, tapered insulation is a more cost-effective choice in most cases because you won’t need a structural fall. This reduces the overall cost of the roof if you install the insulation along with a roof replacement (or a new build), and it reduces labour costs at the same time.

Measuring for Tapered Roof Insulation

Before construction begins, a contractor who is familiar with Greeny tapered roof insulation will visit the site and take precise measurements. This is done so that the right panels can be chosen for each job. When determining what panels are needed, the contractor will make an assessment of the intended slope, condition of the roof and local climate among other things. Once the amount and types of materials are determined, a roofing professional will then be able to give customers a quote for their services.

measuring Greeny tapered insulation
installing tapered roof insulation

Installation of Tapered Roof Insulation Greeny

Each panel will be marked with a number and individually wrapped. The number on the panel lets the contractor know where on the roof it should be placed. A diagram will also be included along with the panels. Full sheets of material are installed first and then any partial sheets will be placed on the roof. A job should be completed in one day if possible; otherwise, the roof should be covered with a protective tarp until the project is finished.

Advantages of Tapered Roof Insulation

Tapered roof insulation has plenty of advantages, and a few of them include:

  • Helps prevent water from standing on the roof and causing damage to the structure
  • Panels are aesthetically pleasing and look nice on any type of building
  • Made from recycled materials, so they are good for the environment
  • Greatly reduces the cost associated with heating and cooling a building
  • Durable and can withstand high winds
  • Comes with a warranty for up to 50 years
Greeny tapered insulation advantages


Tapered roof insulation is not durable enough for people to walk on, which means that care must be taken if future repairs to the roof are needed. They are also not fireproof, so they are not recommended on buildings that contain wood burning stoves or fireplaces. Before being placed on asphalt roofs, the material will need to be scraped off first, and this can be both messy and time-consuming. These panels may not work well in areas of high humidity because they do not hold up well in extremely hot temperatures.

Greeny tapered roof insulation costs

What Influences The Cost?

When calculating Greeny tapered roof insulation costs, a number of factors come into play. The biggest factor in determining cost is the size of the roof the panels are being installed on. When old roofing materials need to be removed first, this can also increase the cost of a project. If there are fixtures on the roof, more cutting of materials will be necessary; therefore, the cost will also be higher. Local building codes and homeowner association bylaws can dictate how a contractor performs this work, thereby increasing the overall bottom line.

Satisfying the Building Code

Building code requirements are quite strict in many places, and they’ll require that you have a minimum slope for water to properly drain. When your roof doesn’t quite meet the building code, but it’s in great overall condition, tapered roof insulation may be the best possible solution. With it, your roofing company can essentially fabricate the desired slope, allowing your home to meet building code requirements and improve drainage. It’s a great choice if you’ve started to notice ponding on your roof, but no damage has occurred.

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Professional Installation is Essential

Tapered roof insulation is a specialised product that requires professional installation to ensure that it is not damaged during the process and that the right degree of taper is used. It is by no means a task that should be attempted as a DIY project, as a contractor will need to come out, assess your roof and determine which tapered roof insulation panels will be most suitable for your property. In most cases, tapered roof insulation can be installed in one day, meaning that you will be able to get as much use and benefit from it as possible. When correctly cared for, it can last for up to 50 years.

Greeny tapered roof insulation companies

Your Greeny tapered roof insulation questions answered

Tapered roof insulation is a rigid insulation board that is used in areas where loose or rolled fibreglass insulation may not be suitable. It is environmentally friendly, contains no harsh substances, and is made primarily with recycled and/or reclaimed materials.

Tapered roof insulation is a non-load bearing material, so it is only suitable in areas where there will not be people walking above it. It is most frequently used for built-up and some single-ply roofing systems.

Insulating boards made from rigid perlite is preferred on tapered roofs. It may be placed under built-up roofs or modified bitumen structures consisting of multiple layers of material.

Tapered roof insulation is an extremely environmentally friendly product because it has been manufactured largely from recycled materials, and it also has an extremely long lifespan when it has been correctly installed and is properly cared for.

Absolutely. One of the best advantages of tapered roof insulation is that it can be used on just about any imaginable roofing material, modified bitumen.

Tapered roof insulation can be made from many different materials. The most common products are derived from plastic, though. These tapered panels are treated with products designed to make them flame-retardant. You can find a variety of options, and your roofing contractor can discuss the differences with you.

In most cases, it is possible to replace sheets of tapered insulation that have been damaged due to a roof leak. This involves removing the damaged insulation and replacing it with a new sheet. If you need tapered insulation repair, it’s important to contact a professional for advice.

While the price you are quoted may sound high initially, you will save on energy costs in the long run by having insulation installed.

If you have a large roof, it will take a while to install the insulation. However, the network of approved Orkney Islands roofing contractors we access will be able to give you an estimate regarding how long the project will take from start to finish after inspecting your roof.

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New insulation needed for our tapered roof. Please provide free quotes for the supply and installation of the most efficient insulation possible for that space.

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Our property had an oddly tapered roof, and we have heard that we will benefit by having tapered roof insulation installed on it. Would you be able to provide us with a professional opinion in this regard and let us know whether it will be suitable for our property?

15 Oct Energy Efficiency

My family and I have become committed to energy conservation. To that end I would like to have better insulation installed in my roof. Please give me a quote for tapered roof insulation per metre.

14 Oct Insulation Upgrade

We have a sloping roof that needs the insulation upgrading and would like to compare some costs and options to make the right decision. Please contact us to discuss our options.

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